Carp Gypsies – the Book


Carp Gypsies is written in German language!

About the book:
Caroline and Alexander left everything behind to live the dream of so many carp anglers. What happened to them since they left Antwerp on 1 February 2014 and went on an open-end fishing trip is written in the book “ Carp Gypsies “ that was published end of November 2015. Crazy experiences, unbelievable troubles and incredible luck, deep thoughts about carp angling but also their approaches how to catch lots of big carp from public waters in France, Spain and Italy, fill this 300 pages book.

Carp Gypsies celebrates being a book: 27 x 23 cm large and 1.7 kg heavy. It is big. The paper is highly qualitative, 150 gr strong and FSC-certified (from responsible ressources). According to our initial thoughts not to mix our pearls with the coloured glass in the internet, most space is given the 334 photos of which most had not been published so far. In keeping with this motto, also the writing is something special. It is not a collection of short stories but a journey that gets more and more intensive, taking the reader to wonderful places. The book can not be categorized, it just wants to be read from the beginning to the end. It is absorbing, intensive and has a very individualistic character, free like the life while carp fishing.



Carp Gypsies costs 35 €.

It can be purchased by bank transfer or PayPal transfer.
The bank and PayPal details will be communicated through email reply after completed contact form (be patient for the response email, it is not automatic).
No login with password is necessary!

Delivery costs:
No sending costs within Germany,
4 € within EU-countries (also Switzerland) 

All prices include taxes.

Look forward to a passionate angling book with plenty of style and love for carpfishing. Look forward to Carp Gypsies, the story about a couple that lives their dream of liberty at the bankside of marvellous waters.

Best regards,

Alexander Kobler and Caroline DiCachi




Carp Gypsies Webseite / Alexander Kobler Fachverlag

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