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Carp Connect – Boilie versus Tigernuss


I am sorry but the very most of my fishing articles that are printed are not written in English.

This article is about the comparison of 14 mm fishmeal boilies and small tigernuts that are fished randomly at each rod with ten anglers during an entire fishing season. In short: Tigernuts caught as many carp as boilies. There was, however, a tendency that more common carp were caught on tigernuts. It further seemed that the bigger individuals preferred boilies over nuts as five out of in total six 20kg+ carp were caught on fishmeal boilies.

This article was presented during the carp meeting in Witten, Germany in February 2008 and published in Carp Connect 36 (2009, similar to the presented PDF „Boilie versus Tigernuss“) and on in December 2010.


Boilie versus Tigernuss