First of all I want to start with an explanation. The following months I will write in German language on the Pink Heron Blog. This has the simple reason that we, Caroline and I, are going to use this site as a platform to sell our soon to be published book “Carp Gypsies”. Carp Gypsies is written in German, so we aim to reach as many as possible German anglers with the Pink Heron site. This does not mean that I will neglect the English readership but prolong the blog pause a bit longer in English, maybe some months or so. Another option is to write in both languages but this is a much longer and much more tiring process. But you can be sure: I won’t forget the non-German speaking readers! Please give me some time to adjust to the new challenges that are evolving. Maybe I alternate in German and English? We will see. Anyway, thanks for your understanding.


What happened in the last months: we were working like crazy on a book project. The idea came up already in the summer of 2014, we then wrote and thought from time to time about the book, in the winter of 14/15 workload increased steadily and from spring until now the investment into the book has just exploded. We could not be at the waterside all the time as plenty of organisational work needed to be done. We really underestimated how much extra work it is to not only write a book but also publish it ourselves. But no need to cry much longer: the book should be printed in the next days. As Geert Vandeplancke, the man who did the layout of the book, said: the rocket is launched! Now we can only try to steer it a bit. And a part of the steering shall be done with the Pink Heron site, in German (it is all about the marketing they say…).


The last weeks we spent in the Extremadura, Spain, where we fine-tuned the book, gave it that bit extra poetry, love and energy. We just did not have the right feeling in Belgium for finishing it. But here, in this rough and wild country, far from civilisation and external influences, you feel all the magic of Mother Nature. We needed to feel Her to have enough power, patience and confidence to finish “Carp Gypsies”. And now, we reached the point that we are happy with what we created. A carpfishing book that is intense, full of love for this hobby and truly adventurous. Nothing else we searched when we left Antwerp on the first February 2014. To leave everything behind was the basis for the adventure of our life: a search of our selves, of freedom and of course gigantic carp J. The best memories and photos are in our book. “Carp Gypsies” has the potential to drag the reader from the couch or the bedchair into a crazy carpfishing adventure that steadily gets more intense. It is not a collection of stories, it is one story, our story, with a beginning but no end.


The last days have been full of excitement. The weather was mind-blowing beautiful, carp are biting like mad and it is a pleasure to calm down after finishing the book at one of the most beautiful places we have been on our trip. In total, three times we visited this 5000 hectare lake in the Extremadura. And we just can’t get enough from it. This lake is so mysterious and powerful, its shores are so open, you are completely at the mercy of the elements. A sunny day can be extremely hot, a windy day can blow you literally away and it can be also very cold under a crystal clear sky in wintertime. That’s why this country is called Extrema(-)dura, which means extremely-hard. But well, right now we have pleasant temperatures day and night and it is so lovely in comparison to the Middle or North European weather at the moment.


We stay here two more weeks or so before we head back north, to Germany where we want to present our book the first time at the Carp & Cat Expo Rhein-Main-Neckar on 28 November 2015. One week later we are also at Carp Austria and later in the year follow some more carp meetings in Germany. But we are also at Carp Zwolle. So if you might be there as well, say hi, we would be happy meeting you!

Best regards
Carp Gypsies
Alex & Caroline



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