Carp Gypsies from summer to winter

Hello everybody,

Rather than presenting a collection of photos that could give an impression about the second half of our first year on the road, I put a short video clip together. The video starts with a scene that I recorded in September 2014 when we made boilies at our good friends Tim and Danni. We wanted to explore the limitations of his quite professional equipment (his boilie machine is his passion says Tim) and rolled half a ton of boilies in just one day. It was a lot of work and did not end with this day as drying of the boilies and packaging took also very long.

Well, while we waited for the boilies to dry we visited the surroundings of Tim’s and Danni’s home and found a mole on the street. He was desperately trying to escape and dig into the concrete. Only moments later it would have been run over. We brought him to soft ground close to a lovely river where it immediately dug into his new home. The mole can be seen symbolic. It was trying to escape the world of concrete. Such as we did. When he dug into the ground he came to his world. And we popped up at the lakeside at the beautiful Cote d’Azur.

Then you can see our fishing in the early summer 2014 shortly before and after we had joined the Masterclass video for Korda Germany at Lac de Saint Cassien. After joining a commercial video with four days  non-stop work, we were exhausted and tired and needed a break. We decided to travel and fish again only for fun. We saw wonderful places in the French Cévennes, where we lived on a farm and raised a kitten that we had found abandoned at the roadside. We then discovered Italy and the enjoyed the beauty of the Apennines while fishing and hiking. In autumn we were back in France, where we fished a very large Alpine lake with only very few carp. It was a difficult period and we had hardly any success. The feeling to be there, however, was unbelievably nice and we did not mind about not catching.

In late autumn and winter we fished in the heart of Spanish carp angling, the Extremadura. We spent most of winter on a 5000 ha lake and caught plenty of large and strong common carp and some crazy mirrors. Most of them may have never seen a hook before. Similar to early summer, we had lots of success and I got again into real catching-machine mode. Adrenaline fireworks and trying to get as much as possible carp into the net.

The video is rather hectic but with a positive atmosphere, a bit comparable to successful carp fishing. It ends on a high with plenty of big carp but when music fades out and the sun disappears in the distance, the unrest of adrenaline gets tamed by the amazing quietness and peacefulness of Extremadura nights. We hope that you can feel it too.

Alex and Caroline



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