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It is quite some time ago that I was writing on the Pink Heron blog. There are several reasons for that. First, I wrote thirty blogs for Korda Germany in one year, each of them longer than one page in Word. Second, I was working on an article (in German and Dutch) and also got interviewed for the largest German fishing journal. Furthermore, Caroline and I joined Facebook as Carp Gypsies.

For those of you that are not on Facebook: Don’t worry, I understand you perfectly and you can expect some more blogging  on Pink Heron. This will however be not comparable to the activity of previous times as I am also working on a large own project that you may expect at the end of the year. Until then you can find us in the February issue of German carp fishing journal CHM, in the April issue of the Dutch Spiegel Magazine, an interview in April in Fisch & Fang and we are also part of the first German carp fishing masterclass DVD of Korda Germany that also comes out in April.

We met another Carp Gypsy, Alex Norgate, on our way to Spain. We have had contact with him already earlier and finally it was time to meet in person. He started his carp gypsy life only one month after us and in a very similar way. It was in July 2014 when we became aware from each other. And Caroline and I got very jealous when we saw his rolling home on his blog while we had been in the tent under the non-stopping rain for an entire week.



(photo taken from his post „a quest„)

Alex embraces also nature, carp angling and freedom and had also decided to leave home and live as a gypsy instead. When we met in November 2014, it was „love on first sight“. We immediately connected and spent a super cozy evening in his lorry and a magic breakfast in a house of a truly adorable woman that provided her premises to us three strangers that slept in cars in front of her home. I still do not find the right words to describe the time we spent there. It was like I would meet myself from the past and learn more about my future. The presence was filled with magic and I knew that we experienced one of these moments in life that are beyond our understanding, pure and timeless. Alex is adorable, he lives his dreams and knows no fear. To me he seemed like a braver version of myself in the past. The parallels were frightening. We certainly have chosen a very similar way of living. Him much sooner than me although he left for his adventure one month later.


You can soon expect some impressions of the last two and a half months fishing in the rough heart of Spain, the Extremadura. We had an amazing time in the beginning but also struggled a lot in the past weeks. To spent the winter on a 5000 ha water was very challenging. For us, it is about time to move on, see new places and try new waters. Hear you soon.

Alex and Caroline


7 Kommentare zu „Carp Gypsies on Facebook“

  1. als ik het zo lees werk je nu harder dan een jaar geleden 🙂 En toch nog tijd om te vissen.

    Groeten uit belgië

    1. Hey Peter,
      Vandaag heb ik heb best lastig met al die keuzes. Ga ik verder hier op een dikke karper op de grote meren, zal ik nog komijn barbelen gaan jagen of ga ik fully scaled’s vangen in een riviertje. Lastigen dag he :).

      1. ik wil je wel eens zo’n barbeel zien vasthouden. Hoewel, fully scaled zal ook wel de moeite zijn. Van die dikke heb je er nu toch al wel genoeg gezien of niet?

        ps: de 50+ baarzen vliegen om de oren, vraag maar aan mattias 😉

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