Back to Spain


The van is almost completely loaded (with too much boilies and too much tackle…) and we are getting ready for our second trip this year to Spain. We plan to fish in Extremadura until end of January, with some fishing breaks to seek warmth and shelter within four walls (no idea yet where these walls might be). The 2000 km+ journey will most likely take us three days, with around 700 km of motorway per day. The weather is superbe there this week but will change next week when night temperatures will also drop close to 0 °C.

I have no idea yet where to start on the huge lake for late autumn/winter fishing. After some weeks of struggling, we had been quite lucky in spring and found the (bigger) carp. I just can hope that we will find them this time as well. The jewels of this wild 5000 ha+ lake are well hidden and recaptures are something that up to date hardly exist. But the potential is mind-blowing and the sizes of these naturally grown carp are far beyond normal dimension. Let’s hope that they react in autumn better on boilies than in spring.

Anyway, as well as the trip to Spain will be a search for wild carp it may also become a journey of the consciousness. To ensure a pure journey we plan to reduce internet usage to an absolute minimum as we believe that the distraction originating from the internet are no help at all when you need all your magic to catch the unforeseeable, the impossible.

Below you find some links to recent blogs I wrote for Korda in German, with photos from our last fishing adventures.

Be lucky with your late autumn/winter fishing trips,
Alex and Caroline

Bikini time is over


Alex steigt aus 21

Alex steigt aus 22

Alex steigt aus 23

Alex steigt aus 24

Alex steigt aus 25

Alex steigt aus 26

Alex steigt aus 27

Alex steigt aus 28




Ein Gedanke zu „Back to Spain“

  1. Alles gute Alex und Caroline. Hoffe ihr habt das Unwetter gut überstanden. Bin ab mitte Dezember wieder unterwegs. Wenn ihr was braucht schickt mir ne Mail. Gruß Nils

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