Carp World 270: Solitude of Salagou


This is an article I had earlier this year in the International Carper supplement of Carp World (270). Enjoy the read.




2 Kommentare zu „Carp World 270: Solitude of Salagou“

  1. really loving the covershot, that’s just an amazing view and well captured! Respect for your and Wulf’s photography. Always a joy to get impressions like that. I prefer them anytime over gangnam style movies.. To be honest I’m not convinced of the cuts the editor did with the pictures, but hey, it’s not my magazine 🙂

    1. Cheers mate!
      And see you soon for some good angling and extraordinary photography.
      PS: Wulf was very disappointed when he saw what they did with his photo (colour editing and so).

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