Antwerp’s Finest


This month two articles of me are published in specialized carp fishing journals. One is in the British journal Carp World and the other one in the German mag Carp Hunters Magazine. I cannot present them here yet as I respect the journals‘ policies and wait an appropriate time before I put them online. For the readers who master the German language, however, I will present today the article I had in the last (not in the latest) issue of Carp Connect 53 (December 2012). It is about my target fishing for a well-known fifty pounder in the region of Antwerp. Actually, this is not my cup of tea but when I first saw this carp on photos and heard that it is swimming only some kilometers beeline from my appartment I could not resist. I targeted „him“ for about six weeks or so before I lost him the first time. Two weeks later I caught him and another month later or so, I caught him the second time. He is a true eating machine and just can’t resist the offerings of carp anglers. At my first first catch he weighed 26.8 kg. The second time I did not weigh him again but he was obviously fatter than before. Carefully estimated, I gave him the number 27. Anyhow, I love this fish. He is a true character fish and made so many carp anglers already happy.You can find another photo of him in my Giants category. Based on former catches as a twenty pounder, this dinosaur is at least 25 years old (more likely much older).

I hope that he will be handled with a lot of respect in the future.
I did not hold him in a sack and released him both times driectly after the capture and photos at night (cheers to Jens Verschaeren 😉 who made the first time the photos).


Auf der Suche nach dem Belgischen Büffel_CC53



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