Fisch und Fang – Lauerräubern auf der Spur


This is an article that includes parts of my Diploma thesis about pike movement and habitat use in a small natural lake north of Berlin. One focus of the thesis was on between-individual differences in pike behaviour that seemed to be constant but influenced by seasonally declining abundance of prey fishes. Pike were categorized into „reed selectors“, „submerged macrophyte selectors“ and „habitat opportunists“. It were the opportunists that strongly increased open water use when prey abundance dropped. The other two behavioural types did not change and showed a similar behaviour (movement and habitat use) throughout a three month study period in summer. It is written in German but will be available soon in Dutch in the „Monkey climber“ magazine of Giovanni Vanhooren.

More information on my thesis (in German as well) can be found on the „Science“ page.

The article was published in „Fisch & Fang“ 6 in 2010.
104_109_Lauerraeuber_ Galerie 06_10

Cheers, Alexander


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