Carp in Focus – Ostermärchen


Also this article is written in German.

It is about a large (1000 ha), natural lake in northern Italy: Lago di Annone. Shortly before and during Eastern 2007 my friend Jan and I visited this beautiful lake. We had only very little information but some pictures in memory we saw during a fantastic dia-show of a Belgian couple. So we decided to give it a try. And it was worth it! During one week we caught several 15 kg+ common carp and had a very warm and sunny time over there.

Interestingly, we had most bites WITHIN the reed belt. The carp were very close to the shore and I decided to put also a rod within some reed-free paths within the enormous reed labyrinths of this natural lake. With this method we caught much more than other anglers there but still missed a bait the play of the fish: After some bleeps, the carp was stuck in the old, dead reed blades. We had to pull the boat by using the reed blades through the reed to the carp and landed the fish with pushing it with the hand into the net. It then exploded and the actual play of the fish took place in the net…Although this may sound like we lost a lot of the fish, in reality we landed almost every carp. A Mono snag leader and a 30 cm long Mono rig with a lot of stretch were surely one of the main reasons.

The article was published in Carp in Focus 10 in 2008.

Cheers, Alexander


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