Watercraft Passion Karpfenangeln – Hoffnung statt Erwartung


This is a guest book chapter that I wrote for Thomas Talaga’s and Bastian Reetz’s book „Watercraft Passion Karpfenangeln“. It is written in German and deals about a „failed“ trip of a friend Ruppi and I to mighty Lac du Salagou. Our expectations were high to catch several 15 kg+ carp but very rainy conditions with three days non-stop rain, rising and falling water levels destroyed our dream and we had to deal with the very slow fishing during cold conditions in February. The wind was extremely strong, sometimes making sounds like a screaming jet, and the water level rose so fast and high that we awoke one night with lake water standing 10cm high in the tent. It was a nightmare. But this nightmare finally taught me never to give up and lose the hope.

We knew that with the extremely fast sinking water level after the flood our chances to catch carp would be very low. It was hopeless. But the search for new fishing spots and the regular rowing out of the rods on promising spots paid off with an unexpected surprise: a huge female pike in best condition tangled herself in the braided line that ran due to the use of a large subfloat only two meters under the surface. She became entangled with her gigantic jaws that were covered with hundreds of knife sharp teeth. Luckily for me, she was so unfortunate to also tangle the line around her pectoral fin so that my line was taut from jaws to fin without the possibility to be cut.

When I got the run, I was busy to change the battery of this particular bite indicator and the pike took line with the rod more or less in my hands. I was very surprised which even increased when shortly after the run a huge fish exploded at the water surface; at the middle of the distance to my bait. Because I already had a similar situation at Lac de St. Cassien some years before, I knew what that meant. I was afraid to loose the fish because of a line cut of sharp pike teeth as happened at Cassien. But also the lead with the rig and hook was pulled on the Salagou ground 100 m behind the pike. A successful catch seemed almost impossible. Further, the wind was so strong, there was no way of going out with the boat. The only thing I could do was hoping and gently pulling the fish closer to shore. In total, I needed to gain around 120 m line. After endless ten minutes I finally could see her! What an awesome creature. She made some calm turns in front of me but finally glided into the net. Once more, the Century 2 lbs Armalite showed its qualities. Unbelievable! I was so happy I almost started to cry. And her measurements were the exact same of which I always dreamt. 124 cm and 15 kg. I caught my dream pike although I did not intentionally fish for it.

The power of mind can cause magic surprises!

Cheers, Alexander

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